Project 1 — Museum Rebrand

Whitney Reflection

  1. I think the Whitney redesign is definitely minimalistic and simple, but I am not too sure I agree with it being a responsive logo. I think it’s successful in the sense that it’s super simple so changing the size or adjusting the zig zags would be fairly easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good/responsive logo. My first reaction was like, “hmm.. that’s pretty simple, I guess that’s convenient. It’s very modern and minimalistic and a lot of people go for that now so I guess it works”, but as I read the second article I can understand why there’s such a debate with it. I, myself, am having a debate with my thoughts on the logo. Whether it’s good/bad, responsive/unresponsive, successful/unsuccessful etc., I think it’s just super easy to create a thin W and call it a logo. I feel like for the Whitney Museum, there should have been more thought in this process.
  2. In my own words I would say a responsive logo is a successful logo. A logo that can be adjusted, and attracts the viewers in any state that it’s in. The pro’s to it is it’s much more versatile, you can adjust it in many ways (color, shape, direction, space, etc.) and if it’s successful it will be eye catching. The con’s, there’s a lot more that go into it and I’d assume it’s a bit more difficult to create a responsive logo than to just slap a logo on an art board and call it done. And creating a GOOD responsive logo that is successful and works as it should may be difficult. I think the process work and the entire project would be a lot more complex and there would be a lot more testing to it. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it could be a lot of work.
  3. I’m kind of neutral on it. I don’t think it’s terrible, but I think more thought could have gone into it. It’s simple for sure, but I wouldn’t say it’s boring. There is definitely a difference between simple and boring. In the wise words of Malcolm Christhilf (lol…not verbatim though) “There’s simple elegant and simple dumb” and I believe that. I think a design could be super simple and be amazing, but in the same breath there could be a very complex design that’s just boring. I wouldn’t say this design is boring, it obviously can’t be too boring if there’s a bunch of uproar and debate on whether it’s good or bad. It has people talking, discussing, and a boring logo wouldn’t do that. I think they just may have taken “less is more” a little too seriously…

Museum of Death






“Oct 2021

We headed into this museum somewhat last minute. It was worth the walk through. This museum is both educational and creepy — perfect for NOLA! I headed into the museum thinking it would be a draw for all things blood and gore but it was not! Between the original newspaper articles and the videos I left this museum better educated about history making serial killers as well as how other countries/cultures view and deal with death.”

“Nov 2021

It was smaller than expected but so much information!! Lots of stuff to read, I learned alot. They have info about funerals, embalming, surgery, the world wars, animal taxidermy, serial killers, auto accidents, 911, cannibalism, etc. Took about 45mins to an hour I think. It’s not for the faint of heart, there are graphic images. No photographs allowed inside. Front desk guy was super nice!”

“ Oct 2021

This place was amazing to see. It’s a bit small as far as museums go, but it’s packed with information and things to see! There’s even a theater of death in the back to watch while you’re there (no extra charge). There’s information and items covering what seems like every available inch of the walls in this place. It’s amazing! I highly recommend it. My husband and I visited there on our honeymoon.”

NOLA — What to expect:

New Orleans is open and so is the world famous Museum of Death! Come and visit us in the French Quarter everyday between 10am and 6pm. No appointments are necessary for our self-guided tours, but masks are required. We look forward to seeing you and have a great life!

  • Body bags, coffins & skull collection
  • Theatre of Death
  • Antique mortician apparatuses
  • Manson Family photos
  • Crime & morgue scene photos
  • Artworks & letters from infamous serial murderers
  • Graphic car accident photos
  • Cannibalism
  • And much more!


227 Dauphine St.
New Orleans, LA 70112

Phone: (504) 593–3968Hours:
Open 7 days a week
10am — 6pm

$17 admission (+tax)

Color Palette:

Process Work


40 Thumbnails

I originally meant to have categories for the thumbnails so it was more organized, but then I took “not in a confined space” too seriously. I was just kind of brainstorming and sketching as soon as something came to mind so here’s that! There are some that I think have potential and others that need more exploration, but I didn’t want to erase those because it’s still part of the process.


I created more thumbnails for the 3 logos I wanted to pursue.
Before going forward with my logos, I did some type and color exploration.


Explorations with font/colors for this logo


Exploration with hourglass/colors/fonts

Three possible logos

I had mixed feelings about the hourglass, so I included two possible choices. I’m not too fond of the logo on the right, so I don’t think I will go through with it.

Poison bottle

I sketched out a few bottles, if I were to create one as a logo I would try to do this one.

Final Logo




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